EKYA TAAN (Symphony of Harmony) is a festival of peace, love and harmony.

Place – In all houses of Delhi (from balcony/ courtyards/gardens etc).
Participants: The people of Delhi as a whole.
Time – July 9, 2017 at 10 AM
Symphony duration – Just two minutes in unison i.e. exactly at 10 AM.
How to celebrate: Making a symphony by use of musical instruments i.e. conchs, bells, drums, trumpets, etc by people in unison ideally from respective homes.

In housing societies people can congregate and just clap together for two minutes with slogans Jai Bharat.. Jai Bharat etc. To provide a charged ambiance, people may through innovative ideas display banners, make human chains, or have musical events on nationalism as the theme in their respective areas in the run up to the moment of celebration i.e . 10 AM.

Purpose – To symbolically declare in unison that their homes do not provide a refuge to any terrorist or violent element.

Significance: It is a citizenry consciousness activity as preserving peace, unity and integrity is a duty cast upon us by our constitution.

Why such festival: Delhi has always been a favourite target for terrorist organisations. Most violent incidents happen due to involvement of foreign elements. Such incidents here get national and international attention. These are never possible without involvement of local criminal elements either due to lure of money or their radicalisation against the government. Source of violence is always a criminal mindset. At times it also gets manifested in Nirbhaya like incidents. Such elements are social viruses and are too small in number. They need to be marginalised or quarantined. Ekya Taan will have a rippling effect against criminal and violent mindset without identifying one individually.

What next: The success of this programme should be repeated in the whole country on the occasion of Constitution Day on November 26, 2017. If it happens in India, it could be a world model action point against terrorism.
A note of caution- people are advised not to hit the roads with this kind of an idea as it is likely to cause noise pollution and also traffic problems.