"BIG" stands for "Build India Group". Today it is a team of eight people. But the idea stems from bigger aspirations about the future of our country. My friends are overwhelmingly in favour of this name, because they feel it aptly describes the purpose of our mission. The BIG Movement for the National Pledge aims at inculcating in Indians a sense of being Indian. It seeks to make the National Pledge a unique instrument safeguarding the nation from within against all anti-national activities, including corruption. It is a 'big' movement in the real sense of the term since it aims at taking every Indian citizen along with it. This way, it could one day culminate into the biggest movement India has ever witnessed in its history. Thus BIG is both a mission and a movement.

The BIG Movement envisages that each citizen must discharge the fundamental obligations in his everyday life while ensuring that his love and loyalty to the country is not affected. And that each Indian must pledge this love and loyalty to the nation demonstratively. To do this, Indians must vow to go about their lives and professions while keeping the national interest paramount.

The thought is not new. But the way we want it practiced is perhaps unique.

The Build India Group propounds, as an integral part of its philosophy, a National Pledge Day (NPD). This NPD is to be one of the most sacred institutions of the Republic, observed on the lines of Independence Day and Republic Day. The programme has to be a participatory one involving all Indians irrespective of faith, religion, language, ethnicity and culture.

On this National Pledge Day, the whole country shall reverberate with a wave of patriotism and nationalism as Indians in unison will affirm their love and loyalty to the country. The members of BIG are unanimous in their opinion that such a programme will elevate itself into a national festival.

The Build India Group believes that the National Pledge shall be a unique instrument to promote the unity and integrity of the country and build a strong bulwark against the growing tide of corruption, terrorism and other anti-national activities that involves not only international criminals and the mafia but also, unfortunately, fellow Indians. This will not only ostracize anti-Indian elements from society but also create a swelling surge of hatred against corruption from within our society and promote a rejuvenated and healthy work culture.

Millions of us go to temples, mosques and churches every day. Can we not spend just a few minutes in the name of this country for this Pledge? BIG shall endeavour to ensure that we can. That is why it is a mass movement, a reformist campaign and a nation-building force rolled into one.

Just a few minutes can change a nation!! And this change shall begin with all you people who love this country. It is you who will be our Campaigners. For, if you love your country you are deemed a worthy Campaigner. Read on, and join hands!

With love,
Biraja Mahapatra

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