If you strongly feel that you should join this initiative and become a member of this group, we have got few questions to ask and those are as follows:

Email Address:
Phone Number/s:
Educational qualifications:
Present status:
Your view about national festival and national pledge:
"Write to us in less than 100 words"

Do you think we can modify the present draft national pledge, if so, kindly suggest your idea in not more than 50 words.

Do you want to become a member of this group, if so please tell us in what way you can contribute to the mission? (not more than 50 words)

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We value your opinion. We respect your sentiment. We wish to further strengthen our group with your commitment and endeavour. The committee will get back to you with its response soon.
(If you do not know any member of this group and wishes to work for the cause, you may contact the undersigned.

Nishant Dutta
Ch No12
Delhi High Court

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