Press Release


We are Build India Group, a Civil Society founded in 2006 in Delhi by Biraja Mahapatra. Our prime concern is in helping instill a sense of pride, oneness and integrity amongst our citizens. You could read our or some values – /letters/our-values –  to better understand the direction we come from.

Nearly 10 years ago, we began encouraging schools to conduct a “Pledge Festival” where children are asked to write a [uniform] pledge down in their mother tongue, get it signed by their parents and submit it / recite together in school and have a day long “festival” or event as a “citizenry building” exercise. This can be done on November 26th, now adopted nationwide as Constitution Day, though we encourage institutions that hear about it newly not to wait that long..

Last year, on July 9th, we conducted our first “Aikyataan” or “Symphony of Harmony” – a two minute program when people are asked to play an instrument / beat drums or vessels together wherever they are to show solidarity in standing against corruption and violence in any form.

This year, in 2018, on the 18th of April, we launch our third programme – Ecothought which tries to create ecological / environmental awareness among the youth, encouraging them to think of solutions and contact the authorities required to take action. Haritbol – the adopting of a tree by tying a “rakhi” or a string around a tree and pouring for it it a mug of water as a token gesture – can be done to signify this commitment to “ecothought”. Schools need not make it compulsory for every child to do this on one day, rather give them time for the idea to grow on them.

If you are a school / college, please consider educating your wards on their basic civic responsibilities and help them define for themselves what it means to be an Indian and what steps they want to do / change they seek to make this country great.

We wish to promote all Environmental NGOs and Columnists / Activists on our website so do get in touch with us to support this movement.

~ Imran & Biraja, March 2018