This will be the first truly national festival of its kind to promote national integration. India does not have a national festival of its own. Republic Day or Independence Day are treated as commemorative programmes and declared holidays.

The festival will be based on the principles of peace and non-violence and good citizenry involving each and every individual across the country.

This will promote in each individual across the country love for the mother-tongue, native culture and faith system.

It will promote equal respect for all the faith systems across the country. Involvement of religious institutions will help people internalize the concept of Indianness.

The country-wide festival will promote a truly national festival involving faith systems, local cultures and food.
This day can mark formation of human chains, poster displays and cultural extravaganza with a message to respect each other’s social, cultural and religious sentiments. meeting of religious leaders of all FAITH SYSTEMS should be convened under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture to promote appreciation of diverse faiths and religions.