Preparations for CD 2017

Citizenship Day will be celebrated across India on 26th November 2017. In preparation for this, we are planning to:

  • Release of new book Audacity of Dreams
  • Launch of new website
  • Create PACT platform to meet our Education Goals
  • Make a model Society in one other city than Delhi before taking it across India
  • Promote Pledge Festival and Aikyataan.

Symphony of Harmony

Team BIG Meeting held at India Islamic Cultural Centre on May 12, 2017 to form Strategy for “Ekya Taan”, the “Symphony of Harmony”, the pilot programme in Delhi involving all citizens to say “No” to terrorism and violence with sounds in Unison.

Aikyataan was successfully conducted on 9th July 2017 in apartments across Delhi.

Citizenship Day 2016

Build India Group celebrating “Citizenship Day” on Nov 26,2016

Students, Teachers and School Staffs taking Pledge for a Dutiful Citizen on the Citizen’s Day in Western Odisha at Nishamani High School, Baragarh

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