Audacity Of Dreams – Book Launch – 10th March 2018

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Audacity of Dreams: a manifesto for citizens and the government for a change

New Delhi, 10/03: Reads like a manifesto for inculcating citizenry consciousness and plan of action on part of the government for fostering unity and integrity in the country, book “Audacity of Dreams” presents a lively picture of a purported national festival on words.

Written by journalist turned lawyer Biraja Mahapatra, the book perhaps would fall in the genre of its own as it calls for certain actions through educational institutions and religious institutions across the country for nation building purpose.

The idea is simple. Let all students write a pledge in their mother tongue on a piece of paper and obtain signatures of their parents on it. The campaign would involve 90 crore people without any expenses. Let it be a national festival with religious institutions creating a symphony by use of drums, conchs, sirens etc to usher in that appointed time and let it involve masses to join the rendition for peace, love and harmony.

Mahapatra says in the book, If Constitution Day (November 26) is prelude to such an effort, perhaps a national day for bringing all religious institutions and educational institutions together for heralding peace, love and harmony in the country is not far off. Mahapatra heads a civil society team named Build India Group.

Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, following suggestions made by delegates of the civil society, had instructed in 2016 that all students across the country should as a part of their Constitution Day activity should discuss their fundamental duties as enshrined in Article 51A of the Constitution.

Mahapatra says that a pledge on the foundation of fundamental duties has already been drafted in almost all official languages with uniformity in contents and pledge in 15 official languages is already in circulation.

The book comprises eight interesting chapters i.e. The Little Republic, The Great Indian Faith System, Nationalism Grossly Misunderstood, The Era of Bullet Train, Call of Duty, Answer to Terrorism, Symphony of Harmony and Audacity of Dreams.

The book, published by Authors Press, was released by Delhi High Court Judge Justice Sanjiv Khanna, amidst presence of noted Gandhian and Rajya Sabha MP Sh A V Swamy, All India Congress Committee General Secretary Dr R C Khuntia, former Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs Dr Amarendra Khatua and Navy veteran Visist Seva Medal awardee and poet Commodore Dillip Mahapatra. Publisher and CEO of Authors Press offered vote of thanks.

Preparations for CD 2017

Citizenship Day will be celebrated across India on 26th November 2017. In preparation for this, we are planning to:

  • Release of new book Audacity of Dreams
  • Launch of new website
  • Create PACT platform to meet our Education Goals
  • Make a model Society in one other city than Delhi before taking it across India
  • Promote Pledge Festival and Aikyataan.

Symphony of Harmony

Team BIG Meeting held at India Islamic Cultural Centre on May 12, 2017 to form Strategy for “Ekya Taan”, the “Symphony of Harmony”, the pilot programme in Delhi involving all citizens to say “No” to terrorism and violence with sounds in Unison.

Aikyataan was successfully conducted on 9th July 2017 in apartments across Delhi.

Citizenship Day 2016

Build India Group celebrating “Citizenship Day” on Nov 26,2016

Students, Teachers and School Staffs taking Pledge for a Dutiful Citizen on the Citizen’s Day in Western Odisha at Nishamani High School, Baragarh

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Keeping the country’s interest ahead of self

Source: Deccan Herald

At a time when self interest is at its high among the people of all walks of life, a pledge festival was organised, involving school and college students who commit themselves to becoming good citizens.

Students from across the country participated in sixth edition of Pledge Festival in their respective institutions taking a pledge of good citizenry. They were a part of ‘Write-Recite-Commit’ campaign. The main function was held in Delhi at Mavalankar Hall.

The students’ pledge in 15 languages and select posters prepared by them on the theme of nationalism were displayed. The festival is celebrated across the country on the third Saturday of January every year when students and members of civil society affirm their love and loyalty to the nation by saying a pledge in their mother tongue to keep the country’s interest paramount in their thoughts, words and action.

The students wrote the pledge in their mother tongues, recited it unison and signed their sheet of affirmation. The festival was led by Build India Group. Dr Rajendra Prasad, Principal, Ramjas College, said most prominent innovators and inventors in the world were always belonging to the younger generation and in India this was not happening as Indian youth were running after material gains.

“Younger generation, which constitutes the largest part of India’s population, should rise and pledge their love and loyalty to the soil so that from among them emerge good statesmen, scientists and litterateurs,”
he said.

“The younger minds have to be sensitised about its duty and responsibility towards the country in accordance with the spirit of Indian constitution,” said Supreme Court Judge Justice A K Patnaik, inaugurating the main programme of the pledge festival.

The event was marked by cultural events by AGDAV Public School, Model Town; Apeejey School, Sheikh Sarai’ and artists of Help & Aids Foundation on nationalism theme. A huge display of graffiti running into 100 meters also showcased the association of various educational institutions across the country.