Symphony of Harmony

The Team BIG huddled at India Islamic Cultural Centre to form strategy to implement the first ever implementation of a novel concept of involving all citizens and creating a Sound in Unison at a particular time to show a mass resolve to reject Terrorism and Violence, the major crisis of humanity today in general and our country in particular. The concept builds on the citizen’s voluntary commitment, completely inexpensive and lacks any logistical arrangements to be done.

The meeting was presided by Sh H R K Suhel.
It was an opportunity for Build India Group members to take note of views of discussants on the EKYA TAAN - “symphony of harmony” scheduled for July 9, 2017.

It was resolved that all signatories to the meetings would appeal to the people of Delhi to join “Ekya Taan” (Symphony of Harmony) from their own homes exactly at 10 AM on July 9, 2017 by beating a drum, blowing a conch, crashing a cymbal or using any instrument to create a symphony just for two minutes. This will assume a colour of festival. This will be a declaration by the people of Delhi that their homes are not a safe haven to elements having violent and anti-Indian mindset.

Delhi Police commissioner has assured his support to this move. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Sh Manish Sisodia has assured to issue appropriate instructions for involving students across the city in this programme. Meanwhile, Confederation of Residents Welfare Association (CONRWA) has started circulating letters to various resident welfare associations for their support. Since it is a media intensive programme, we have also written letters to various media houses to take up this cause as a matter of media social responsibility.

There was a display of commitment by all participants in the last meeting. The meeting should continue to record what next.

In the last meeting the participants were Sh A V Swamy, MP (Rajya sabha) H R Khan Suhel (Trustee IICC) , K C Mittal (Former Delhi Bar Council Chairman and former Delhi High Court Bar Association President) , Bar Council Member Sh Murari Tiwari, Mahavir Sharma, Mr Rakesh Chahar ( respectively President and Secretary of Rohini Court Bar Association), Confederation of Resident Welfare Associations (CONRWA) leaders Rajiv Kakria and Chetan Sharma. Deepak Rath (Editor-Uday India), C K Nayak- Hon’ble member of the Press Council of India, Subhro Roy and Aparajita (Social activists), Dr Bhagaban Prakash (Advisor -Election Commission of India), Rakesh Chitkara, Kiran Kumar patra, Ashish Sharma, Pratap K Dash, Debendra Rout , Social activist Promod Chawla, Somya Singh, Anant Trivedi, Nabajyoti Das, Pankaj Sukhija, Vijay K Sharma and Biraja Mahapatra.

Build India Group records gratitude to Sh H R K Suhel for having facilitated the meeting at IICC Board Room. Vote of thanks by Ashish Sharma.