Build India Group (BIG), a Delhi-based civil society, focuses on building citizenry consciousness across the country with Article 51 A of the constitution dealing with fundamental duties as its foundation.

This is perhaps the first organisation in the country which talks about discharging fundamental duties as a necessary precondition to assert rights.

Fundamental duties enshrined in Article 51 A of the Constitution were introduced vide 42 amendment to the Constitution with effect from January 3, 1977.

The significance of November 26 is that on this day in 1949, the status of 35 crore people got transformed from being subjects in their respective kingdoms to that of sovereign owners of this country with the adoption of preamble to the constitution by the Constituent Assembly

Build India Group, started in 2006 by journalist turned lawyer Biraja Mahapatra, proffered a simple exercise by the students across the country.

Students write the pledge of their mother tongue, obtain signatures of their parents and recite the same in unison in a charged ambiance in the school and submit it to the school authority. The effect is magical.

Keeping in view the spirit of fundamental duties, the organisation has circulated a pledge drafted in 15 languages with uniformity in contents and students across the country can say this pledge in their mother tongue and commit to be good citizens.